About Yoga by Kalari ™

Introducing Kalari Corp's latest initiative - Yoga by Kalari™. Hailing from Michigan, USA, Kalari Corp is a trailblazer in the realm of innovative health technology. Yoga by Kalari™ embarks on a revolutionary journey to develop therapeutic methods and training strategies to combat and control chronic illnesses, with a prime focus on diabetes, pain management, and geriatric concerns.

Our foundation is built by an amalgamation of tech entrepreneurs and physicians, collectively bringing forth their expertise to the table.

Our mission is simple yet profound - to democratize Yoga therapies by making them affordable, accessible, and available anytime, anywhere.

We pride ourselves on our in-house built HIPAA-compliant tech platform, an adaptable solution for payers and employers.

Through our platform, we deliver both live and curated Yoga therapy sessions, offering a range of personalized experiences:

  • Live streams for large audiences
  • Small group therapy sessions
  • One-on-one personalized sessions

We are proud to mention that Yoga by Kalari™ is an Approved Training Partner of Yoga Alliance™.

Our vision is grand yet attainable - To serve Yoga Therapies as an effective solution to the health challenges of the modern age.

With a mission to revolutionize the prevention and management of chronic diseases, we aim to leverage clinically proven Yoga therapies to effect this transformative change.


Shaji Nair