Yoga by Kalari™ is an initiative by Kalari Corp. A Michigan, USA based innovative health technology company.

Yoga by Kalari™ develops therapies and training methodologies to prevent and manage chronic illnesses, specifically Diabetes, Pain management and Geriatrics.

Founders are tech entrepreneurs and physicians.

Built with a mission to make Yoga therapies affordable, accessible, and available anywhere any time.

In-house built HIPAA compliant tech platform that can be customized for Payers and Employers.

Platform delivering Live and Curated Yoga therapy sessions.

  • One to Many live streams
  • One to Small group therapy sessions
  • One to One personalized sessions

Yoga by Kalari™ is a Yoga Alliance™ Approved Training Partner.


Delivering Yoga Therapies to address the Health Challenges of our times


Transforming prevention and management of chronic diseases by clinically proven Yoga therapies.