August 21, 2023 | 10 min read

Activities to promote heart health: Tips & guidelines

A healthy heart is a healthy life, for most cases at least. Keeping a healthy heart should not be difficult for anyone. There are a lot of activities that we can do to reduce our risk of getting any heart related diseases. It goes without saying that doing cardiovascular exercises promote a healthy heart but there are specific activities that not only promote a healthy heart but are also fun to do which can also contribute to your overall heart health.

1. Running

Running is on top of the list because it is the number one recommended activity for anyone who wants to keep a healthy heart. Running is a very easy cardio exercise that anyone of all ages can do. Running not only helps you maintain a healthy weight, it also helps to strengthen your heart muscle. Running also lowers blood pressure and maintains a healthy cholesterol level. These benefits help reduce the risk of heart diseases. The article Heart Health Benefits of Running discusses more on the benefits of running for a healthy heart.

2. Yoga

There is no stretching the truth here, yoga does help your heart! Yoga, as a form of exercise, involves lots of stretching and breathing movements. This promotes good circulation and good breathing. Although it is not an aerobic exercise, yoga can offer so much more than being an exercise. Yoga is a good stress relieving outlet. It promotes relaxation of the body and mind. Stress can cause a lot of negative effects in the body, especially the heart. Many reports show that instances of cardiac events stem from too much worrying and depression. Yoga is a way of breathing out all those negative emotional stresses and keeping your heart happy.

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